We Supply

At Gates R Us we supply to the market at three different levels. 

Whether you are an on seller and stock our range of motion products, a gate installer who prefers to just buy our products as needed or you are a home owner just wanting to save a little money on the installation side of your project we have the right prices and products to suit your needs. 

From our premium Beninca GRU range right through to our Byou DIY range, we have the product for you at the right price. We also offer a pre-configuration service for those who are not that technically minded or just don’t have the time to do the full programming on site. 

We also offer 12 monthly service schedules for those who register their products via email or phone with GRU and one month before the service is due we will call you to arrange a service and state the relevant price at the time of call. We highly recommend this service to ensure the smooth operation of your automation system for years to come. 

We also supply to each level, gates of all types (residential to heavy industrial) and hardware to suit including locks, wire to suit your automation needs and gate hardware in general and for any other products we don’t stock, be assured we will steer you in the right direction.

Our supply and installation service

The GRU brand of gates and fencing has developed over many years so with our highly experienced team of professional people from sales, supply chain, fabricators and technicians through to the final installers so you are sure to get the most from our products. 

We aim at supplying quality products from our factory to your site and unlike most other companies that operate in our capacity, the owners Darren and Jared does your install so there is no compromise in quality and you always get what was agreed on. 

We have a huge range of gates and feature fencing to offer so call us for a free no obligation quote or visit our factory to view our products and catalogues.

Training and info nights

Gates R Us believes that product information is a very important tool to the correct installation of all types of automated access system products and from time to time will be holding product info and technical training nights at our factory in Ferntree Gully. 

If you are an installer or just a home handy man you can give us a call to find out the time slots available. Even if you are an accountant looking to get out in the fresh air and make a new career for yourself you can certainly get involved. We will have technical specialists available to help you get through to a successful installation.  If it all gets a bit too hard and you need an onsite technician, we will provide you with a service call to steer you in the right direction at the applicable charge for the time taken and the distance travelled.

We believe that this is also in our best interests that you get a good result because we know our product is top quality and we want the end user to also know it! 

Product brochures and technical manuals

Gates R Us at its own discretion will make available technical manuals to the installers and end user if deemed necessary in an online form or by post if necessary to ensure the ongoing safety and smooth operation of its automated range of products or if servicing is required. Due to the many products available and the different time frames that may be involved it would pay to supply us with the correct product model number to assist you in getting the right information.

The Beninca Range of Products

Gates R Us is an importer and supplier of the Beninca range because it believes that, quality, style and price and function ability are all very important factors when choosing an access system for a property. 

When we set out to find a range to suit the market needs we had several main objectives we needed to adhere to in able to find the right product to suit the GRU brand. 
  1. The supply line must be great with stock available to us at short notice.
  2. The quality must be uncompromising.
  3. The function ability must be wide ranging. 
  4. The range should fully integrate with all controllers, motors and accessories and all be from the same manufacturer, not be mix and matched like most other brands on the market, i.e. Italian motors with cheaper Asian control boxes. We simply didn’t see the point. The motion range are fully imported high quality Italian plug and play stylish automation systems and with the new Brainy 24 volt and Brainy 240 volt auto set control boxes are set to leave all users with a smile on their face.
  5. Other Beninca initiatives like the ESA (energy saving application) available on all 24 volt sliding range and as an option for swing motor range and call systems for gsm telephone gate opening systems within the range make them a world leader along with coded protection on control boards to hinder any efforts to tamper with or change settings to the systems. Many other accessory products and motors in the full range are way and beyond our strongest competitors.
It all just got a hell of a lot easier!