Motor Package Kits

    SLIDING GATES    Barrier Gates  

Gates R Us can provide complete automation packages to suit all types of gates whether its a slide, swing, cantilever or bi-slide configuration. You can also select from any of our accessories within our range to add to your selected package.

Sliding Motor


Sliding gate motors are specifically used for gates that slide on a horizontal plane.  These include track, cantilever and bi-slider gate designs.
Your ideal choice will depend on weight ,slope of land and speed required.  Talk to our staff for a more informed view on what's right for your set up.


Swing Motors

Swing gate automation is for gates that operate on a hinge and post set up and rotate around when opening. The size of gate and the width of the gate leaf will determine the type chosen. Our staff can also assist in your choice. We can also supply articulated arm types to suit gates were the post or pier is larger and gate needs to be set forward.



Swing Motors

Swing gate Hydraulic motors 



Road barriers (boom gates) and car park savers are a great way to limit the flow of traffic into protected areas. Road barriers are available in a range of different lengths on the boom arm to suit the width of area they cover.  Our carpark barriers are available in manual and automatic configuration.

Control Boards


Control boards are the part of an automatic gate motor that electronically controls its operation. See available control boards to suit your needs or to replace an older faulty set up.




Solar power can be used to operate an automatic gate motor as long as it is 24 volt configured and the type of motor is also 24 volt. We can offer the standard Beninca packages or also supply design specific packages to suit your needs.  Talk to our tech staff about your needs and we can help you to get the system that is ideal for you.