Case Study

Case Study

Our team do their utmost to find the best solution to help you achieve your end goal with a great result.

In one such case, a prominent Melbourne architectural company’s owner, Anita, had engaged a stainless steel fabricator to build her a full intricate, stainless steel wire mesh slider gate together with two single gates to match. This was going to be a challenging project from the start. Especially for someone who has experience in the stainless steel construction field but no installation experience to match.

Whilst his construction and fabrication was underway, method problems started to appear within 18 months. Tireless money’s was spent on a substandard job, then the unfortunate happened, the fabricator damaged his back which really put the project at risk of a complete failure.

Anita then proceeded to contact Magnetic Auto Control.  A leading company in Global Gate and Access Systems plus one of Gates R Us most trusted trading partners. 

They were determined to help resolve her problems and achieve a positive end result.

After informing Anita of this good news, her project was now being overseen and starting to take shape. Taking over this project required objective methods to achieve the results Anita was finally looking for. 

Without delay, we produced all the necessary changes to get the slider fully installed and automated as well as her single gates installed and made operational.

Anita was delighted with the completed result. Her architecturally designed stainless steel gates looked fantastic and she was able to get some great value out of her initial investment, which made her extremely happy.

At Gates R Us we will go out of our way to achieve rewarding results, every time for our customers. Even for the most difficult jobs, if you have an idea, we will provide a solution.

We are sure to impress you and highlight you’re premises, using the most up to date fabrication methods and our professional, reliable approach to our work and clientele.

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