Warranty & Aftercare

Think about what would happen to a car if you didn't service it every twelve months! Motors in particular require some maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. You might be able to continue to drive it for much longer, but the repair bill might be a lot more if you have to replace parts that have worn prematurely.


Warranty on all automation systems and access control  is 1 year product warranty. We do however offer our 1+1 warranty system to everything within our quality Beninca automation range. Basically if you call us to service your system before the 1 year warranty is due within the confines of our Melbourne and Sydney metro areas and surrounding areas limitations at the standard service fee cost below we will extend your warranty for a further 1 year. It is an industry leading innovative initiative that ensures the products supplied by Gates R Us to our customers work well for years to come.


A service call including first hour, is $200 (plus GST), depending on the area price may vary. Please note this is only for service call, if there are any issues that need replacing or fixing extra charge will be applied. 

We recommend yearly servicing on all automation systems.