At Gates R Us, customer satisfaction is our primary measure of success. We are committed to providing dependable and timely resolutions for all your customer inquiries. Meet our highly qualified professional team who will provide you with a stress free experience and packed with rewarding results.

Darren  - DIRECTOR

With over 20 years’ experience in the gate and fencing industry, Darren facilitates and delivers jobs from sales and design through to installation and back up service.  Darren skills are wide ranging from all forms of timber and steel constructions methods to automation installation and design.  Darren’s demand for quality outcomes for his clients along with strong relationship building have formed a sound business foundation and ensure repeat business and referrals.  


Angela has a vast knowledge in Advertising and Marketing. Her web driven expertise makes her a valuable member of the GRU franchise. Whether contacting customers through our monthly newsletter or updating our website, she makes sure our customers are fully informed of our new products and special deals as they arise.


Jared is a new member of our team, but being Darren's son, has been involved in the industry from a very young age, has a vast knowledge of everything to do with running the GRU franchise and tends to lend his hand in all areas of the running of the business from pricing right through to final installation.


Rachel is our newest member to GRU, she may be young but she is a very valuable team player, as she is a fast learner and quick to think on her feet. She is the first point of contact for our large existing customer base and new customers acquiring the services of our company. Rachel ensures a smooth transition for all customers and makes sure they are fully informed through all the processes either by phone or by email.


David is our main fabricator and is in charge of all in house fabrication of steel and timber gates. His skills in welding and fabrication methods are necessary to suit most jobs. He is a fully qualified boiler maker/welder by trade and has adapted his skills to suit the gate and fencing industry very well and is very adept in his role and is very skilled at the installation side of our business as he has for quite a few years worked in the fabricating & installation industry in a wide variety of applications

Pirana Electrical Services

Rob provides Gates R Us with all high voltage power necessities. Whether it is a simple power point for a gate motor, or a complex compilation with power, intercom and CCTV package he's very adept in any project he puts his skills to.

External fabrication

Several external trading partners provide Gates R Us with all fabrication and engineered specifications, necessary to suit all types of high quality steel, fencing and gates. Industrial and commercial applications are their specialty.