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  • Motor Only, Built in controller, 3 Phase 230VAC inverter technology.
  • Suited for gates up to 2500 kg with submerged in gear oil.
  • Comes with built in control unit with electronic braking and built in receiver. 
  • With inverter and magnetic encoder and equipped with adjustable foundation plate.
Combines the benefits of a three phase motor with the ease of connecting to single phase power.
It is possible to adjust the speed of the motor gradually by changing its frequency, during either acceleration or deceleration.
Built in anti crushing system.
Very quiet operation.
Optimal adjustment of torque at different points of the stoke (optimal start up)
  • 1x 8mtrs of RI.M4Z rack
*BISON also comes in 35 OTI and 45 OTI. 

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